Introducing Pride Nation Token ($PRIDE)

Pride Nation
2 min readAug 16, 2021


Pride Nation is a body whose aim is to harness, the unity of the LGBTQ members globally and strive for their equal rights via blockchain solutions.

This aim will be achieved by exploiting the pride nation’s native token ($PRIDE) and its use cases.

Pride Nation Token [PRIDE] is a cryptocurrency for the LGBT community which was created to promote and bring cryptocurrency trading and investments to the global Pink Economy. Also, it is targeted at eliminating the discrimination faced by the LGBT community (Globally).

The incentives that accompany the token will make it a common tender for both LGBT and non-LGBT members. As such, the rate of discrimination drops. A certain allocation of the token will also go into charity and Support for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Mission and Goals.

•Harness the unity of LGBTQ members globally by exploiting the use cases of the token.

•Promoting equal rights, shunning discrimination, and empowering the community via blockchain solutions.

•Creating a fast and borderless transaction platform owned by the LGBT community, which they can call their own.

•Creating a platform where LGBT & non-LGBT community members can invest and benefit from, without discrimination and stigmatization.

Use cases (Benefits) of the Pride token.

•Pride wallet:-You can make and receive payment on pride wallet, using pride token. Users can store, send, and trade pride tokens and other crypto assets on their Pride wallet.

Send $PRIDE tokens to your loved ones.

•Pride Impact:- Pride Nation will support organizations and individuals that provide services to the LGBT community. Pride Token holders can make donations to support various projects that the community is embarking on. Fund-raising events will be conducted to foster the activities of the LGBT community. Pride token holders can vote and suggest project(s) for the community.

•Staking and yield farming:-

Here, Holders of Pride token [$PRIDE] can stake their tokens and earn rewards in $PRIDE. This will help the pride token’s ecosystem stay secure while the holders earn rewards. Holders can also lend their tokens in yield farming pools to earn other cryptocurrencies.

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Pride Nation

Pride Nation Token [PRIDE] is a cryptocurrency for the LGBT community which is created to promote and bring cryptocurrency trading to the global Pink Economy.